Unplug Your Fear of Marketing AI

If the idea of analytics for your analytics makes your hair stand on end, you’re not alone. It’s becoming apparent that marketers and communicators alike are having trouble keeping up with this fast-growing area of marketing.

Deciding on what to offer your customers, the personalization, and context in milliseconds is daunting, and the thousands of options and over-hype of these technologies is enough for someone to unplug from marketing AI altogether.

There may be some truth there, but what we’re seeing lately, from email marketing to SEO, AI tools are making the lives of “human” marketers easier and better at their jobs.

AI tools are making the lives of “human” marketers easier and better at their jobs

For example, AI tools like ZETA and Optimove, with simple interfaces, are helping brands segment their customers and customize to get the biggest return for their time and money. You can send out customized emails to your customers based on their recent behaviours and categorize them by buying patterns, interaction with content and membership requirements. This leaves us to do the critical thinking, the strategizing and some data analysis without being slowed down by mundane tasks.

Our relationship with Facebook/Instagram is complicated, but when it comes to AI, they’re doing it right. By training their AI to recognize patterns like click-bait content and disruptive ads Facebook has been able to moderate poor user experience by limiting traffic to those websites significantly. This means marketers might be able to get in front of those valuable users’ eyeballs and harness those powerful analytics for a little bit longer.

There’s been a proliferation of AI content tools coming to market. Apps Wordsmith and Quill are currently being used by The Associated Press and Yahoo to create clickable news content. They generate unique written content that kind-of reads like the author were human. Up against the clock and need to push out some extra content? Sign up for the demos, you’ll see there’s still a long way to go before human copywriters are replaced, but it’s still pretty neat.

We shouldn’t lose the point of all this. We should be asking how all this technology can help our business and marketing objectives succeed. Delivering more engaging experiences for customers, improving business outcomes from those connections, and doing it efficiently to get more return-on-investment. That’s its value.

In the coming years, as Forbes says, there are opportunities for truly data-driven marketing, and it’s only going to get easier for marketers. “Integrating insights across all of these tools is not easy…In the current marketing technology landscape, tools tend to be single purpose and sit in silos. This will change, and AI can help power these changes.”

Fear not, my friends. Let us help each other, and if not, the machines will come in and clean up our mess.

Header image photo by Gabriella Sudjono. All photos from Unsplash.com.

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