3 Reasons to Slim Down and Take Your Gut Out of Marketing

For your next marketing campaign, consider what Casey Carey of Google says, “Nearly two-thirds of leading marketers say that decisions made with data are superior to those based on gut instinct.”

Marketers have always been an inquisitive bunch who try one technique or another to innovate and gain a competitive edge. Whether you follow one technique over the other is usually led by your intuition, but that alone can be faulty.

As opposed to what Simon Sinek says, this might require you to disconnect your limbic brain to turn off those gut decisions. So take a step back and let the analytics tell you what you’re missing.

Here are 3 reasons you need to take your gut out of marketing decisions:


A well-planned analytics strategy will make you and your organization more responsive and efficient. Leveraging your analytics will allow you to understand individual customers, prioritize opportunities and turn insights into marketing actions and outcomes.

The ultimate, “Go with your gut” workforce [NYPD] is leaning on analytics, it’s time you do the same

Even the most well-trained intuitive workforce in the world is using data. The NYPD and other large police departments are using big data and analytics to anticipate and identify criminal activity before it happens. If the ultimate, “Go with your gut” workforce is leaning on analytics, it’s time you do the same.

Vince Campisi, CIO of GE Software says, “When we start and focus on an outcome, [data] is a great way to deliver value quickly and get people excited about the opportunity. It’s taken us to places we haven’t expected to go.”


All customer relations systems from service to sales to marketing have become digital. Geospatial information and the Internet of Things will be even more connected in the future. Just look at mobile devices that have become geographically targeted. Our customers’ mobile devices tell us about what their preferences and tastes are, all while tracking their movements.

Right now, 23% of companies (and climbing) are using location intelligence for their business decisions. As analysts make improvements, businesses will gain as they can use those opportunities for improvement and prospect growth.


If you’re a small business owner like me, you’re most likely in direct contact with your customer. There are benefits to knowing your client personally, but using analytics is a way to connect with clients.

You can use data to build relationships and increase loyalty and margins by offering bigger value. Your analytics will help you understand your customers’ journey across channels to the betterment of your marketing strategies. Analytics are meant to help us not only see the differences in data from week to week but also to let us see consumer trends over time.

We’ve always put our belief in a mystical force that resides somewhere between our heart and our gut: intuition. That’s also where the danger lies. It’s okay to trust your instincts in other parts of your life, but for your marketing work, it’s time to start basing your decisions on rationale and consequently the data.
Give your gut a break.

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