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Chris Gaudry, the owner of Four Four Films (FFF), specializes in video production and creative from the heart of the prairies. Established in Winnipeg in 2012, FFF’s success is due to Gaudry’s passion for collaborating with his clients. He believes the best work comes when motivated, talented, and hardworking people converge towards a common goal.

As a touring musician, Gaudry and I had crossed paths over the years at gigs and social events. But as his video career developed, I admired his work from afar. It started when his guerilla-style music videos, PocketGigs, started popping up all over the web. An intriguing concept; record musical artists performing live in random public places throughout Winnipeg ­­– whether it was in a back alley in the heart of downtown, or on a city bus to bewildered passengers.

I caught up with Gaudry to talk about how the online world has changed the creation and distribution of visual media, and its increasing importance to your brand.

MW: In your opinion, why should an organization or personality place importance on visual storytelling?

CG: I think people have less time in a day to receive messages and visual storytelling can make longer-communications more succinct. I also feel it’s easier to make an emotional connection with people using video. If you can connect with someone emotionally, it’s easier to sell them your “trinkets”.

Have you seen an increase in the importance of video content online for your clients, if so, what’s your approach for online compared to traditional video?

The trends I’m seeing now are related to the medium more than ever before. We are not only writing videos for our target audience but for how the videos will be distributed (i.e. social media). To some degree we’ve always done this, depending on whether the video is going to be a 30-second spot for TV or a landing video on a webpage. However, we’re getting even deeper into those metrics now and writing videos specific for which social media platform is being targeted. A good example of how this affects production is on Instagram, the video is square…so if you know you’re posting to Instagram, you have to shoot the video with that aspect ratio in mind.

What are some of the benefits of hiring a professional, like FFF, as opposed to doing it yourself when promoting a business or brand?

A professional will force you to answer the tough questions and may present you with questions you didn’t ask yourself before implementing video as a part of your communication strategy. The quality of the video is also a huge factor when hiring a professional. Just because anyone can buy a DSLR and start making videos, doesn’t mean that they are qualified to do a good job. Buying a scalpel does not make one a surgeon.

What are 3 benefits YOUR CLIENTS HAVE seen FROM THEIR video content?
  1. It’s provided more succinct and compelling communications when dealing with stale content.
  2. It’s provided a means to engage in a new conversation with their audience.
  3. It’s created a platform to produce content that will make an emotional impact on their audience.

Any particular projects you’re working on right now that you can tell us about?

Right now, I’m focused on directing Au Pays des Mitchifs for Bell Media’s Quebec station, Canal D, but soon, we will be holding a local screening for the feature-length documentary we produced in 2017, called Staging the Band.

For more, please visit Chris Gaudry at Here’s a sample of his fine work for Wood Anchor.

All images property of Chris Gaudry.

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