Boost Your Airtime on Social


It’s true: we’re living in the Wild West of the digital and social media frontier. In 2018, there are no steadfast rules in getting your brand or your message out there. But we can all agree that engaging with your target audience and improving your online brand presence is vital to your business’s success. As I build my brand, I’ve come across a few key tips and tricks that I’d like to pass along that will help you improve your online social media presence. After all, we’re in this together.
Here are my 5 P’s for Boosting Your Airtime on Social


Put the social back in social media. You have to raise questions. Killer content marketing and social media victories demand more listening than talking. You need to learn to listen and absorb, and encourage interaction with your audience. This will do two things: it will make you accessible to your followers, and it will allow you to tweak your message for future blogs or posts and just the basic way you communicate with your people. And guess what? Your interactions will be visible to other audience members too. Let that buzz begin.


Use language with personality. Be descriptive and use emotive sentences, especially in your long-form posts. That doesn’t mean just throw in the odd curse word (that can work too), but you’ll get results whether your goal is to sell, persuade or emphasize your brand if visitors enjoy reading your content. This pulls from the overarching idea that authenticity is what will connect you with your audience. Even the most businessy, stats-heavy blog should let the reader know there’s a real person behind the keyboard.


Nowadays, with Photoshop and Canva it’s easier than ever to create an accompanying image to get your message across even more succinctly. The image at the top of this post is an example of this in practice. Keep it simple and consistent. For instance, all the images in this post are using a particular colour palette as well. Depending on your design aptitude, if an image is specifically designed for the post it adds value to the words that follow.


Using great images will work miracles for your online content. It is proven that articles with images get 94% more total views. Consider that for your next post on your brand’s Facebook page. With 4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily on Facebook, 94% sounds pretty good.

It’s proven that using bright images will generate 24% more Follows or Likes on your social platforms. Have you seen those Influencers where every shot is taken in a crisp, white room with light blues and pinky pastels? Powerful stuff. Consistent visual themes are a great branding tool. Check out Winnipeg’s Cree Ryan on Instagram if you want to see excellent branding through images.


That little character is your best friend. Think of it as a filing system for the social platform you’re on. You can’t be on Instagram and post something without using one hashtag or many. That also means don’t overuse them. TagsForLikes has turned a nifty interaction tool into a factory, but be wary, make sure you use hashtags that work with the content you’re posting.

For more info and help with your digital and social marketing, please contact Rattlespace. We can help you out.